About company

Putting Clients First

Northway Brokers is a regulated investment adviser serving institutional and private clients globally. We start with the simple notion that supply and demand are the sole determinants of securities pricing. In addition, we believe capital markets are relatively efficient discounters of all widely known information. Thus, to add value through active management, one must identify information not widely known or interpret widely known information differently—and correctly—from other market participants. Throughout our history, we have continuously developed ways to look at capital markets differently.

We have dedicated significant resources to the emerging field of behavioral finance to better understand not just the tools of finance, but also how investors use these tools. Our research has led us to develop practical applications of behavioral finance in our portfolio management process. We do things differently than other investment firms—not just to be different, but because it makes a difference for our clients.

Our advantages

Profitable investments
The sphere in which we work allows us to receive regular profits. Your money works for you around the clock.
Stable profit
Your percentage of deposit is accruing daily, you can see how your profit increases.
Guaranteed payments
You can receive your earned money instantly: it's enough to place an application in your personal cabinet and money is already in your account.
24/7 Support
You can solve any questions and find out the necessary information by contacting the 24/7 customer support.
Absolute protection
All transactions, as well as personal information about the investor and his partners, are reliably protected from interference by third parties.

About company

We value diverse perspectives and encourage innovation and forward thinking. We seek those who aren’t afraid to try something different and are open to considering new processes and approaches. Our employees drive our firm’s success, and we support their development by providing opportunities for everyone to succeed.

In our open office environment, everyone from entry-level employees to VPs shares the same space and is treated as an equal. Teams are motivated to collaborate on projects and interact without physical or organizational barriers. By creating a positive, productive and rewarding work environment, we are able to maximize the quality of service we deliver to each and every client. In doing so, we are proud to be recognized as a top place to work.


All data is securely protected: your personal information, cash accounts, transactions - all this is encrypted using reliable algorithms. Our employees use special cyphers, thanks to which no outsider can access your data. In addition, you can remain anonymous, specifying only those data that you consider necessary.